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Are you struggling with debt? You are not alone.Today, many individuals find themselves in a financial crisis with credit card debt, high interest loans and mortgage payments.

We can help you find a solution to your debt problems with the best debt advice free here, and links to the best free debt help resource online. Find everything you ever wanted to know about debt consolidation and credit counseling.

There are some debt advice free steps you can take immediately to begin to solve your debt problems. This will require some lifestyle changes.

1: Make a list of everything you owe
. This step is possibly the most difficult part of dealing with your debts. Put all your bills in a pile.

2: Prioritize your outstanding debts. If you have a few credit cards or other loans with small balances, make the largest payment possible on them to pay them off, while continuing to pay the minimum on the others with larger balances. Once the first debt is paid off apply the payments from debt one to debt two and so on until all debts are paid. If you have any of those high interest personal loans for people with bad credit or any payday loan type loans, these should be tackled first.

3: Eliminate credit cards and store cards. When you pay off a credit card, close the account. This is where most people fail. Pay cash for all your purchases from now on. This requires a big commitment, but will make you debt free in a relatively short period of time.

4: Get a copy of your credit report. Check it for errors 
and have them corrected. You can do this your self or get professional help.

5: Financial Advice. Consult a financial planner if necessary to help you establish a budget and debt repayment plan. It will cost you but it's a small price to become debt free.

6: Debt Consolidation. Consider debt consolidation only as a last resort. If you cannot meet your monthly repayments let alone begin a debt repayment plan then this may be your only option.

The most important step in becoming debt free is the move from credit cards and debt to a cash only lifestyle, secured credit cards are a great option here.

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Debt Advice Free
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