Xiao Ling, who once served as the director of the company, had a long-term home with two children because she asked her to be a full-time housewife. Since then, Mr. has taken on the living expenses of a family, but because of his power in the economy, he often puts on the "head of the family", lacking respect and care for her, and having acts of domestic violence, which has caused her to be despised and insulted. Xiaoling originally didn't like the feeling of "getting it with him." The occurrence of domestic violence made her more eager to have economic space. In order to increase the source of income, she took deposits to invest in stocks, but suffered losses. The end result in more than 300,000 liabilities. If she didn't work, she had to take a slap in the net. She hoped to pay some Debt Integration with a small income. But with the debt plus interest, the number is getting bigger and bigger. For a period of time, the monthly monthly payment has reached 15,000. Yuan, such a debt amount has been very different from the net auction income.

Xiaoling, who is deeply under pressure from the economy and family, saw information on internationally integrated loans on the Internet and wanted to seek professional assistance. After our professional assessment, based on her lack of stable income and liabilities far greater than income, we recommend to solve the problem by negotiation. However, due to family factors and emotional instability, Xiao Ling was full of grievances and intolerance during the initial consultation process, but we listened and appeased with patience. After several times, I really said to the debtor in a call: "You The EQ is really good. I think you were wrong before I murdered. Thank you for listening to me."

It is really gratifying to let customers open their hearts and are willing to accept our assistance. We also learned that Xiaoling is most concerned about the debt interest rate. The excessive interest rate causes the monthly payment to exceed the affordable amount. She also clearly told the debtor that she hopes to reduce the monthly payment to about 7,000 yuan, which is more important. The reason is that I don't want my family to know about her Debt Consolidation. Understand the needs of our customers, we are committed to achieving our goals. In addition to telling the negotiating matters, we also noticed that the children often heard the crying of the children and quickly connected with their family mode. I really want to give assistance, so from time to time Talk to her about life and the future, after receiving her confession and venting, give more positive thoughts, looking forward to helping her through the financial and life levels.

Because of this consultation process, Xiao Ling felt warm and caring, and also got positive suggestions. In particular, I heard that we sincerely said to her: "Love children, but also love yourself." Let her deeply understand that "Mom is happy, Children will be happy, and they don’t want to live the same day after day. They are determined to tell their husbands all their feelings and thoughts and show their persistence. After communicating with Mr., Mr. is also willing to give her economic autonomy. She can also take part-time work while taking care of her family. This change makes the family atmosphere better. Xiaoling feels more secure and confident. What is even more gratifying is that the negotiation has been successful! In 120 periods, the monthly payment of less than 4,000 yuan is almost half of what was originally expected. Xiaoling was very happy. Not only did she deal with the Loan Integration, but her family situation improved. She promised not to invest in stocks any more. She also thanked the debt for treating her like a friend and regaining hope in her life